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01-05-2014, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by dethomas07 View Post
injuries are part of the game..

malkin is hurt every other week and misses half the season..

zetterberg is constantly hurt

bergeron/krecji are constantly missing time

kesler is constantly hurt

injuries are hockey and the style they play sucks for fans bc they put their bodies on the line and will miss time..

im just saying rangers never take care of their own.. they always make things difficult.. and want the next best thing instead of building a team and keeping a team together for a long time.. with the cap raising paying someone 4m this year is like 6m next year and the coming years will only increase the cap and players AAVs will rise even more.. wait till stamkos deal bet it will be 10m AAV..

they are always willing to over pay someone more outside the org then in the org and its wrong..

sign players as best you can under market value or close to and everyone wins.. these guys are heart and sole players why not pay them for their services
I agree they should take care of their own but not hurt the team in the same sense and cripple the ability to move players, sign them etc. Would you rather have Girardi and Callahan or Krieder and Miller?
If everyone is taken care of eventually someone will leave, remember how unpopular the idea to not resign Drury in Buffalo was... He was their captain at the time too, he got paid here and then his knees finally caught up to him.

As mentioned above Callahan and Girardi are not the same as Malkin, Kesler, and Zetterberg. I would take there contracts and injuries on this team any day of the week.

does this mean I don't want to resign them? No I would keep them. However the right trade comes along, I'd pack the bags.

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