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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
Time for more debunking for the Lundqvist apologists:

Talbot has started 12 games. In those 12 games he's 9-3-0 with 2 shutouts, allowed one goal three times, and two goals five times.

10 of 12 starts he allowed two goals or less.


And he's 9-3. The Rangers have scored two goals or less in six games he started. He's 3-3 in those games, so there goes the theory that the team cant win games when they arent scoring 3 or 4 goals a game.

Lundqvist has given up three goals or more in 9 of his last 10 starts. In those starts he has given up at least two goals in the 1st period six times, and in two of those games he gave up the first two goals of the 2nd period in a 0-0 game.

Why is it so hard for people to grasp? Being down 2-0 10 mins into a game changes the entire complexion of the game. In fact, in three of Henrik's December losses, the team came back from two-goal deficits to either take the lead or tie, only to have the team lose the game.

There werent any message boards back in 1990, but there were certainly fan boys. Vanbiesbrouck had an entire legion of supporters even though he was friggin brutal since his Vezina but nobody every challenged him. Froese, Scott....they all sucked.

Richter came along and took the team and the league by surprise. Nobody wanted to admit it, but Richter was clearly competent to split the workload with Beezer and over the next three seasons he did.

Talbot is a very sound goalie. Is he a flash in the pan? Who the hell cares. He's playing better than the "better" guy. I dont care how much money the other guy makes or what he did in his previous years.

Sports is a results-based industry. You think AV cares about Lundqvist's contract? He wants wins because wins keeps him employed.

Dominik Hasek was a third string backup to Eddie Belfour and Jimmy Waite in Chicago, then backed up Grant Fuhr in Buffalo.

And youre nuts if you dont think the players feel more confident playing with Talbot than they do with Lundqvist. I guess they like not trailing 2-0 in the 1st every friggin game.
Very good post! Pretty much puts it in perspective by using facts and logic. Of course Hank apologists skip this post because they don't want to alter their fairy tale world.

At this point I think that Talbot is just doing his job. I don't consider him Hasek or any other goalie of that type at the given moment. I would say that Talbot is a bit above average now, and that just tells you how bad Hank is playing.

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