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01-05-2014, 02:07 PM
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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
It's actually an honest assessment of his play. Call it an attempt to "defend Trotz" if you want ... you're free to be as wrong as you'd like. Quite simply for as talented as Forsberg is it hasn't translated to the NHL level yet. He looks great against junior hockey level competition, struggles against NHLers.

His defensive woes are supported by the 3rd worst goals against per 60 minutes of 5on5 ice time for players with ten or more games played this season. One primary assist in his career (his only ES point), one career goal.

Again ... what has he done at the NHL level to deserve praise? Where has his talent translated to production in NHL play?
He's a young player who scored .42 PPG this year in his extensive 12 games played. While being bounced around lines and being scratched. Wasn't given a big enough opportunity to get his confidence up. He will make mistakes, its part of a 19 year old in the NHL. If he wasn't ready for the NHL, then shame on the coaches or management for putting him up there.

No one is saying he deserves extensive praise. But all that is happened is that he has had a good WJC. And of course the usual suspects come out to say how who cares, what has he done in the NHL. No one said he's been a star player in the NHL or is guaranteed to be a star. People are excited about what he's doing non-Predators wise. It isn't as if our NHL team has been giving us alot to be excited about. All else that has been said is that he has been misused as a young forward.

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