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Originally Posted by SERE 24 View Post
The point, I think, was not that you should trade players because their value is high but that a good GM is going to actively seek an opportunity to improve his team by, occasionally, taking the chance on dealing players who are playing well for you and, therefore have strong value, to acquire a piece that fills a more specific need.

An example would be packaging something like Miller, Hagelin and a 2nd for Evander Kane. People will scream "overpayment" and remind me how important Hagelin's speed is and how Miller looks like he could develop into our Kesler-lite someday, but the reality is that we are never going to acquire a player like Kane, in his prime, with his high end skill set, without making that kind of trade. Now I'm not saying Hags or Miller is going to take a downward turn, but if Miller never becomes better than Anisimov and Kane grows into a 35g 60pt power forward, is it not a trade we'd have made looking back?

You can't only make moves after (for example) Miller turns out not to pan out and it's two years from now, no teams are interested in him as more than a project and he's nothing more than a gritty 15g 30pt player. That's what we're doing with Del Zotto, in essence. Of course you can't predict how these guys are going to develop, but we knew we were loaded on the left side, especially once we acquired Moore (and have Skej and Allen as guys who should at least be capable 5-6s) and we could have packaged Del Zotto with a pick or prospect this summer when there would have been much more interest and his value was strong. We didn't know he was going to implode, but we did like the way Moore had looked and could have dealt DZ to address an area of need. It would have been a small gamble; what if DZ blossomed, right? But now we're going to end up selling low on him and he still might blossom once he is elsewhere.

Which is worse? Packaging DZ and a 2014 2nd this summer for a young, middle pairing RHD or yound second liner? Or settling for the kind of return we're now likely to get and watching DZ play 16 minutes a night somewhere and turn into a 35-40pt dman?

No one is suggesting you sell players when their value is high just to sell. The idea is, occasionally you actually have to make a PROactive trade rather than a REactive trade. We always seemed to be dealing in reaction to a player's struggles.
And if we didn't have the coaching change in the off season Del Zotto might have been dealt then. I'm sure AV wanted some time to make up his mind on the roster before sending players off elsewhere. But I'm not disagreeing with you. If the right deal is there you pull the trigger.

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