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01-05-2014, 08:17 PM
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Originally Posted by MetalGodAOD View Post
Please tell me an example of a team recently trading one of their players while their value was highest?

Actually no one would scream overpayment because the Jets would never do that. Classic case of us over-valuing our players.
I just used it as an example. I felt it wouldn't get the job done for Kane either, but if I upped the offer other posters here really would be yelling overpayment at me and calling it a horrible deal for the Rangers. Which still goes hand in hand with the point I was making. You can move a couple of guys who are playing well and have high value for an individual player who is an upgrade. Was Eriksson playing badly when Dallas decided to package him for Seguin? No, the chance to acquire an elite talent was there and they jumped on it. It's looking good for both teams now.

If we had given up Callahan, Moore, Miller, Fasth (Eriksson, Morrow, Reilly, Fraser - keep in mind, no one knew Reilly would be playing like he has for Boston) for Seguin, Button and Camper (I believe that was the full deal) our fans would have rioted but it would have been the best acquisition our club has made since dumb luck landed McDonagh.

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