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01-28-2004, 04:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Bruwinz20
Wow you gots some thin skin brotha. Brian Rolston is one of the best PKers in the league. He has scored 30 goals in a season. He is an excellent skater. He certainly has his flaws but he is a better hockey player than Denis Gauthier who is what, the Flames 4th or 5th defenseman? Believe me I like Gauthier, but you have his value seriously misplaced.
I don't think Brian Rolston's PK abilities really matters at this point. Hell, Conroy, Donovan and Yelle are some of the best PK'ers in the league, and in that sense we don't need to trade for a player like Rolston. It'd be nice, but it isn't necessary. There are younger, cheaper options out there.

What Calgary needs is a 2nd line RW, and that isn't what Rolston plays (RW). A temporary stop-gap solution, like Mike Knuble, would be more attractive to Calgary at this point (until Kobasew plays like the 2nd line RW'er he's supposed to be).

I understand that you're a Bruins fan, but I think you need to watch Gauthier a little more. You also have to take into consideration Rolston's age, UFA status, and salary - and then take into consideration Gauthier's.

By the way, Rolston scored 30 goals once in his career, never did it before 2001-02 in the seven years he's been in the league, and has yet to do it again. Simiarily, Iginla lit it up that season too with 52 goals - and has yet to do it again.

I don't think Roslton's, Iginla's or Gauthier's for that matter are what they were 2 years ago.

And again, you can say what you want about my value of Gauthier and Rolston being, lol, "seriously misplaced", but that's my valuation of both players. Conversely, perhaps I think your values on both players are misplaced, but I'm not about to try and convince you otherwise, cause that'd be running in circles and that would bore me really easily.

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