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01-05-2014, 10:38 PM
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I imagine you're using league wide averages though. Which isn't really a fair way of looking at it. Who cares if Buffalo's 2nd center puts up 35 points, for instance? That doesn't mean that Stepan putting up 45 points makes him a 1st line center. The point is that all contending teams are deep down the middle and most have elite point producers at BOTH 1 and 2

Take the same averages but from the top 15 teams in the league. You'll notice a huge difference I would wager
For sure. I almost stated those thoughts, that the key to winning is depth up the middle and, if possible, a 1-2 punch that can score above the average. I honestly thought that was really obvious and didn't need to be stated, so I omitted it.

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