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01-21-2007, 03:49 AM
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haaahaha is he seriously that bad of a person...have u ever been heckled or talked to in such a way u wanna hit them....and their just looking for it, i give Roy credit for punching him, cuz im sure he was pissed, and the guy pushed things to a limit....... he was pissed when they kept him in for 9 goals, he was stubborn, cocky, yet unbelievable, and left cuz of his attitude........i have hated him for long enough, but now he's out of the nhl, so i will remain proud of him bringing the only 2 stanley cups i was born to see.......and really look at your lives...if you were in the spotlight like him u would have everything wrong with u exposed......but the truth is the best athletes have the worst attitudes....its the truth if you look at it, and i believe thats why Roy was a great....can name many more with attitudes of sorts....every sport

so rock on Roy and the fans who saw what you did will love you!!!!!!!!

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