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01-21-2007, 04:35 AM
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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
There's always hope. Every year for the last 8 seasons we have gone into the season with hope. The only exception was last season. But this team did not greatly improve over the off season. And other teams in the East got better.

They still had a top heavy offensive team (even if Prucha and Cullen panned out). THey still had offensively devoid third and fourth lines. And they still had a defense corp that did not feature and true #1,#2 or #3 defenseman.
I were thinking the same thing.

I mean, we kind of lost Kaspar who played a big role on this team last season. I'll give this years Ward over last years Kaspar a short edge, but its basically addition by substraction...

Shanahan is clutch, will be really important in tough games. No doubt. But during december/january regular season stroll Rucinsky and Sykora had a big impact. They are pretty talented guys that we didn't bring back, since we belived in the players in our system, both this season, and the kids comming up next season. Both Sykora and Rucinsky wanted longterm contracts.

Cullen have 20 pts in 46 right now, Rucinsky ended up the season over a PPG.

Lundqvist haven't been as stellar as last season.

Not to mention that our 3rd and 4th could be relied allot more on last season, then compared to this. I think Id prefer Isbister over Hall. Its like this team don't feel comfortable with any parts of the team, other then maybe the 1st line. Last year when JJ struggled, even if it were for just a period, we could hang on by playing our 3rd and 4th allot, they never won games but if we were off one period they could keep it close atleast.

Good teams aren't teams that always show up, or keep a even form through out the season. Good teams are teams that win games even if they play bad. If they start with two bad periods, they know that they can keep it close and force it in the 3rd and come away with a win.

I think the biggest reason for this team beeing so extremely shaky is because they know they have to play close to max for 60 minutes to win. That creates allot of pressure and discomfort. We just aren't good enough.

It looks like bad luck at times, or bad attitude at times, or like they just really really suck. Though I think its all results of just comming up short. We are getting really few goals on the rush from the 2nd-4th line. We are getting really few clutch goals. Our PP haven't been special. And on defense, we regulary gives up easy goals because of turnovers, and Lundqvist just don't seems to have the marginals with him.

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