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Sather must decide: Is dealing Girardi best for Rangers?

Brooks examines the issue of the Rangers trading Girardi and Callahan

Sather must perform his due diligence and be aggressive about it. Girardi, who doesn’t turn 30 until late April, is as high-end a rental property as has gone on the market since Ilya Kovalchuk in 2010, if not Marian Hossa in 2008. The Rangers have every right — and every obligation — to demand a package of two “A” prospects, maybe already in the NHL or maybe not, plus a draft pick in return for Girardi.
Thus, how much more value as a trade chip, rather than as a first-pair defenseman, might Girardi bring to a Ranger organization that doesn’t appear close to a championship and all but certainly will have to undertake a significant reload over the next offseason or two?
What’s more, Sather must take exactly the same approach with Ryan Callahan, who too is a heart-and-soul guy but also is an impending unrestricted free agent and is likely to be a more expensive and more challenging signing than Girardi.
This is the hypothetical Sather must be prepared to address: Would the Rangers be closer to the Stanley Cup with Girardi and Callahan signed to long-term contracts or with the four high-end prospects obtained in their places through lend-lease?

Losing either, or both, would represent an immediate step back, of that there is no doubt. But it is always worthwhile to take one step back in order to take two or three steps forward.

And it is far, far more worthwhile than standing in place, which for years generally has been somewhere between sixth and ninth in the East.

The Rangers aren't close to winning a championship with Girardi and Callahan. They might not make the playoffs with them in a lousy conference. The team won't be closer paying both of these players even with the cap going up.

The Rangers were scouting Vancouver-Anaheim last night. They were scouting the Sharks-Avs on Saturday. Girardi would be an ideal fit with the Ducks or Sharks.

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