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01-06-2014, 08:00 AM
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Originally Posted by heilongjetsfan View Post
As much as I'd like to play homer, and pretend I'm offended, yeah he kinda is a fatty fathead and that was funny. Quite frankly, if Buff was playing to his full potential, we wouldn't be having this convo. We'd be talking about how Bogo's NMC isn't such a serious deal because Philly is a hockey hotbed and it's one of the US markets that almost any player would be perfectly happy being sent to. Winters aren't too crazy, fans love hockey, media is nuts, but not Canada nuts. He'd probably waive it to be a flyer. Fact is we've got low low low quality coaching and they're never going to get more out of Buff than he feels like giving. I think it might not be the case in Philly.

How about we go like this from here on out: if you've already piped in about how buff doesn't belong in Philly, ok, you've spoken your piece, now with respect, ****. This thread isn't for you, it's for me. We've your got your opinion already and unless it's changed, how about don't suffer the rest of us to read it again, sounds good?

If you want to let me know what would be a more reasonable payment for buff, or what you'd rather have from our team for a combination of the needs already stated (legit 2LHD and a legit top 9 winger), I'd really really really like to hear it.

So far the majority of responses have basically translated to 'erp, yer a idjit.' Is an entire fanbase really incapable of a mock negotiation?

Maybe we'll just pull that Wheeler for Maata trade the Pens (Shero, not fans) keep begging us for and let them knock the soap out of your hand (again) this spring.
You came to the Flyers board, made an outrageous proposal, and now you're getting mad when people don't jump on board and play along with your little game.

Buff is a great player, but you have to understand why some people would hesitate to give up a huge package to get him. His health concerns aren't the only reasons either. He's prone to bad turnovers and gets lost in coverage quite frequently.

And lol at the Pens trade. Chevy... is that you?

I gues you'll have to jump on that Pens bandwagon, seeing as how the Jets will be golfing come spring time... again.

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