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Originally Posted by Kwayry View Post
There you go again distorting facts.

1 - DZ has been a top 4 on this team. He has averaged top 4 minutes last 3 seasons (Except this one where he is averaging top 5 minutes). Not only he deserved being top 4, but many nights he was the best Ranger D man on the ice.
2 - When Staal went down with his eye injury, Torts split up the Girardi-McDonagh pair and gave DZ top pairing minutes with Girardi. This is well publicized and basic googling skills can remind you if you forgot. Go back and look from about mid march to mid april of last season. So, you are wrong when you state that he has never been a top pair for the Rangers.

We also know this from the most common D pair from last season.

Defenseman -- Defenseman -- Frequency
DEL ZOTTO --- DAN GIRARDI ------- 15.86%
DAN GIRARDI -- JOHN MOORE ------ 2.13%

Maybe this is not enough, how about we go ask the coach himself?

By the way, I am not saying that he was the best Dman all the time during that stretch, but some of the time. For instance the Girardi - McD was reunited on April 11th because DZ struggled the game before

What's wrong with a 23 year old averaging 35-40 points a season? How many of those do the Rangers have?

This one takes the cake, so the PP improved because McDonagh took DZs spot?
Having a new PP coach had nothing to do with it?

If you want to argue that DZ has not been consistently good during his tenure, I'd agree with you but you went a lot further than that without any facts to back you up.
DZ might as well be traded. But the way he has been railroaded by AV hurts the org. He has driven his value to the ground and you and some others seem to enjoy it.
I'd expect you to want what's best for the Rangers being a fan, but you are more interested in peddling non truths for whatever reason.
Top pair is 1st pair--not top 4. Jesus. Maybe it's the way you set up your argument. DZ moves into the top 4 when Staal goes down--well so?--someone has to. Has he played well as a 2nd pairing left side d-man in the past? Yes. When Staal came back what happened--DZ back to the bottom pair + the lion's share of the pwp time. Has our pwp sucked eggs the last few years until this one? Was McD getting any pwp time when Torts was the coach. Were DZ's lasers from the point when the team had an extra man often finding the back of the net? or were they being blocked?--going wide or being stopped by the goalie? He wasn't the entire problem with the pwp for sure but who is better on the pwp DZ or McDonagh?

37 points rookie year--moved up marginally to 41 points in the Rangers best season in a long time in 11-12. From that he signed his latest contract. Last year--not quite as good. This year he has a coaching staff that prefers other options and he's been marginalized. They don't like him enough--you don't care. His play has regressed--his edge over the rest of the defense corps--offensive creativity from the blueline--has disappeared. He's up for another contract and an automatic pay raise just to qualify him that would put him at least in the $3 mil per range. You don't want to get it--I don't give a ****. He hasn't shown he can take the next step and yet people talk about he's only 23--24 next year is coming fast--and he has upside but if this guy can't get the offense up into the 50's as a 24 year old-a 25 year old-a 26 year old then really where is the improvement from when he was 19 years old? There's nothing I've seen that leads me to believe his numbers are going to improve or that he's going to become an overall better player than he is already and he's due for at least one major pay raise off of the $2.55 mil per he's making now before he finally becomes a UFA. Managing your assets like it or not also involves managing your cap.

For **** sake people fall in love with their players.

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