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01-06-2014, 10:26 AM
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The Habs are stuck as a treadmill team going nowhere amongst the nine middle pack of teams in the east let alone even taking on the west. Good enough to not be really bad, and bad enough not to be good. There is virtually nothing except for lower average players in the minors that can be brought up to improve upon that. Making the rough tough playoffs with a smurf team out in the first round, and getting a lousy draft pick because of ending the soft regular season (as vs the tough playoffs) too high, and the cycle continues.

The small improvements the Habs do make are not better or even worse than their counterparts in the east so they go nowhere except getting a little bit worse every year. They have to break the cycle and do a major rebuild if they ever plan to really get better but it looks like management only looks at the short term so that will never happen. They are stuck in the twilight zone of mediocrity.

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