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01-06-2014, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by mandiblesofdoom View Post
Why is it so toxic for him? He's no longer gets the most PP time (good move by AV). Is that the definition of toxic? He's been scratched a few times - we have a lot of 3rd pair defense to try out.

MDZ and his agents need to focus on hockey and stop worrying about toxicity.

The one real beef he has is playing on the wrong side. If that's what they are complaining about then OK. One hopes (for the good of the team) that experiment is over.
Realistically he's head and shoulders better than than the guys he's being scratched for. He's being asked to play the wrong side and then when it's harder than playing his natural side, scratched in favor of someone he's better than. It's toxic, however, because the bridge has kind of been burned. It's unlikely he'll ever regain his confidence or develop further if he stays here. It's the classic "needs a change of scenery". If that term doesn't apply to this player now than when is it applicable? Don't get me wrong, I haven't been DZ's biggest fan for years now, but it's progressed to a stage where there's little to no likelihood he isn't move. I don't think the relationship can be salvaged. He's an RFA; he could refuse to sign and force us to deal his rights/let him rot, at which point his value will truly be destroyed. That's not how you manage your assets.

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