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Originally Posted by Rahan View Post
That's utter bs. One, Ted Nolan isn't the nicest guy in the world at all.
Second, you don't know anything about that story. We have a player on our team, Francis Verreault-Paul, which is an autochtone, and they had the Tomahawk song playing in every game for him, it had become the fans' rallying song. Ted Nolan took offense to the team playing that song when he came here, and he took offense of 3 idiots shouting names behind the bench. I'm pretty sure you can find 3 idiots in every junior hockey rink, cry me a river. And the song story... enough said.

Yes some people here may show a bit too much of enthusiasm about their team and sometimes it creates trouble (like this bus story), but remember that it's a very small minority.
I think every town with a Jr.A team has their idiots. I thought it was a Qc thing until I saw games elsewhere and it's a Jr. hockey thing. Down south, I'd bet it's a high school sports and college thing. You let humans in, you get human behaviour. Idiots aren't restricted to a particular town.

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