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01-28-2004, 05:21 AM
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Brookbank can't play hockey. There's a reason Langdon's been in the league for a decade and Brookbank hasn't been in the league for a season.

No enforcer is feared in the league. Why would anyone fear an enforcer when they can just agitate the enforcer then turtle and draw the penalty?

Brashear is known as one of the best fighters and most ruthless players in the league. Did Souray seem scared of him when Brashear took just an extra shot on Theodore? Is that the kind of fear you're looking for? 'Cause Souray was ready to throw 'em. That's the fact of the matter in today's NHL: no enforcer is feared.

Langdon's the perfect enforcer in that he knows his role, is paid according to his role (if not underpaid when compared to other enforcers), is fine with sitting in the press box, and sticks up for teammates. He's a leader in the lockerroom. What else can you ask for in an enforcer?

Let's run through some of the 'bigger, badder, meaner' enforcers in the league:

Worrell can't skate, and as such it's rare that he lands a bodycheck. He'll fight, but only on occasion. He does intimidate well, but he sometimes thinks he's a legitimate NHL player and tries to transform his game to that of a power forward's. Doesn't fly.

Laraques - severely overpaid ($1.6M), doesn't enforce. He's a nice-guy fighter that will drop the gloves to fight, but doesn't seek revenge on those that take cheapshots on his team. Doesn't spark his team with a fight. Has tried to fulfill the power forward role unsuccessfully.

Brashear - see Laraques, but worse. He picks his spots and doesn't stick up for teammates. Not an enforcer, he's a confused fighter.

Domi - drastically overpaid ($2m+), but he's added some other dimensions to his game (speed, agitator, draws some penalties). Not a pure enforcer anymore, but he is a good one.

So, who else is there really? Langdon can go toe-to-toe with anyone in the league. I don't think you quite get how he fights: he doesn't hold on and throw 'cheesy' shots. He holds on, lets the opposition tire out, then he'll start really throwing 'em. And he can throw 'em with both hands too. I think he's a fine fighter and fits the role well, and is a good leader which is a great bonus for a team lacking character.

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