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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
First, he's been a top-4 defenseman on a top 5 defense here for the last two years. Suddenly, he's told that he's in a competition for the #6 spot with three guys (Conor Allen, John Moore and Falk) who, if you combine their career accomplishments, don't get you half of an average MDZ season. It would be like benching Callahan because you want to see what Fasth, Akim Aliu and Michael Kantor have to offer).
I don't see Del Zotto as a top four D here over the last couple of years, at least not when all are healthy. Ahead of him are McD, Girardi, Staal, Strålman. MDZ is #5. He had more minutes because Torts put on the PP.

Second, it's become toxic because the benchings A- haven't always followed bad games (his biggest string of riding pine came after two of his better games on the ice) and B- have coincided with AV running his mouth about the player. This board rioted when Torts called out Hagelin for not being good on the power play. What Torts said pales in comparison to the way AV has thrown his own player under the bus.
This board likely (for the most part) agrees more with AV's comment than what Torts said about Hagelin.

It's on the player to do his best. Some players are motivated by benchings. DZ could do that. Take the opportunity and run with it. Don't worry about things beyond your control.

It's become toxic because AV has publicly used Del Zotto as his personal scapegoat to deflect from what should be obvious--his stupid defensive system does not work with these players. AV was paid a lot of money to take a 2nd round team to the next level. He's taken them right out of the playoff picture. He took a top 5 defense and turned them into a joke. The man needs a scapegoat--I don't blame him for trying to save his job, but for the people on here to buy it hook line and sinker? AV is the massive failure here--not Del Zotto.
They both have issues. It's not an either/or.

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