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Originally Posted by sg12lw View Post
my point is that Couts will never be the consistent 60 point player people think he will.

He will continue to get tough matchups, and wont be able to create enough offensively to put up those kind of numbers.

Guys like Schenn and Laughton (potentially) will be given the chance to be in a more offensive role, and will get more offensive minded them the opportunity to put up better numbers and be more traditional '2nd line' kind of players.

I am not sure whats absurd about that.

I in no way at all have guaranteed Laughton to be anything. I am guessing he will get a chance to be an offensive guy, rather than a shutdown guy.

Couts is good at being the shutdown guy. And that is where he will stay. And i dont see 60 points coming from him as long as he is in that role.
Never is a really strong, finite word. There is an outside chance he can mature into a guy like Patrice Bergeron at his absolute best, READ, AT HIS ABSOLUTE BEST, and score 60 while taking tough assignments. It'd be extremely awesome if that happens. How likely is it? Probably not as likely as what you're saying, but don't act like there isn't a chance.

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