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Originally Posted by Placid View Post
Not really. It depends a bit on which sport it is, as different countries have different traditions. Norway, Sweden and Finland for example, in cross country. Countries like Austria and Switzerland for alpine events, most of central Europe for ski jump, and so on.

And both for the exact same reason. We have what, just over 20 indoor ice rinks in the entire country ?
Ice skating (be it figure skating, hockey or what have you) has really never been a priority here, which is a shame (exception being speed skating).
We have 44. Denmark has 25. (according to IIHF). Denmark has 7 NHL players, while we just one little guy.
It's not just in the # of rinks, but how you use them. We also have 5 % of the country covered by water, with large parts frozen in the winter, but only occationaly does someone bother to play shinny on them (Zuke probably an exeption). Much easier to complain about the number of rinks. It's just not part of the culture, and the federation are failing at making it so. I bet most of the NHLers first skating was outdoor on a pond. In Norway it seems that everybody needs to attend hockeyschool for kids in order to learn it. Too organized IMO, and not the way to make it a bigger sport. The hockey federation, idrettsforbundet (athletes federation), just like the soccer federation, doesn't like people to play for fun it seems, and then you get all focus on making eliteplayers while failing to do what they should: enhance public health (and while you're at it make people enjoy moving their legs for fun, widening the recruitment and make it a part of the Norwegian wintersports wonder.) Some of the controversy with Zuke and his betting agreement was just about this. He claimed he learned his skills from the pond and the parking lot and didn't really Owe the Norwegain state owned betting company anything. The Norwegian hockeyfederation With their narrow minds were, understandably, shaking in their pants as they pay the largest part of all New rinks, but at the same time failing to get the point: Our only NHLer didn't learn his amazing stickhandling skills at any state financed rink but at a frozen parking lot. Sure later he developed in these rinks, but he started out where all kids should start out: With pond hockey. I actually tried to suggest it through the Kitchen door, that they should really really make an effort to make the best of the thousand possibilites there are, but never heard back and I lost my energy. The potential is endless in Norway, right in front of Our eyes, but we fail to grasp it. Screw the rinks.

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