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01-06-2014, 05:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Clausewitz View Post
He has the physical assets to be successful but lacks vision; nor does he anticipate well. Video sessions may refine certain skills; those sessions do not, however, transform consistently underwhelming third-pairing performances into respectable second-pairing ones. Also: For all my cynicism towards DZ, and my oscillating desire to trade him, how about making him a forward for one or two games?
Hmm that is an out of the box move. Worked well for Brent Burns, might do good for DZ and the team. He does have offensive ability that other forwards on the team don't. But it is something that you practice first and see.

What I would do is treat DZ and Moore as a pair. Both seem to compete against each other a bit and play an immature game this season.

Perhaps with the ship not as rigid as it was under Torts, some of what it means to be 23, rich, and in the biggest city in the world is bleeding over onto the ice with these two.

After seeing how effective both were as a pair playing pressure free minutes in TOR leads me to believe that they can be an offensive pairing that the team has never had. They actually communicated and stayed composed out there. Even displaying a little swagger after it was 5-1.

While true they were playing sheltered minutes and getting favorable zone starts, the two did well together, something that couldn't be said for the 1st half of the season.

What disappoints me the most about Johnny Moore is that he dropped 10 lbs coming into camp this season. Watching him getting rag dolled by Engylland the other night shows the strength he's lost, and how easy he is to bowl over.

He should have added more weight and came in with a Kreider, Miller, McDonough build at 6'3" 225 instead of 6'3" 205. Hockey is a game of physical maturity, and with his skating ability with 20 more pounds of muscle, Johnny Moore would be closer to being looked at as a little Mac Truck like he was last year when he clocked in at 6'3" 215.

He's gotten pummeled and bowled over a few times this season. He's going to get rag dolled if he isn't built like a hockey player. Him going after a male model physique isn't going to make him a better hockey player.

As far as Moore v DZ?

DZ over Moore. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

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