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Originally Posted by anofsti View Post
*Cough*Sonia Henie*cough*

Firstly, they have 25 rinks, but because their country is tiny tiny tiny, and heavily populated, more people have access to rinks. Due to Norway being pretty huge in comparison, most of Norwegian poplulation does not have access to a rink within half an hour drive.

As for Norways geography, most of the people live close to the coast, and the water doesn't freeze that good here, and we almost never have stable weather long enough to consistently organize any type of sport. Therefore, building rinks have never been in high demand, because the grass root organizations aren't there.

The problem are tightly connected to the lack of rual rinks, something that inhibits the sport of getting traction nationally (when only 2/10 knows the rules), which again leads to a lack of media, which again leads to lower revenue from sponsors/spectators etc, which again leads to a worse product, that leads to lower recruiting, something that in turn leads to worse match ups for the talent that DO find their way into ice hockey.

tldr; yhea, If Zuccarello had lived 6 hours further north, he wouldn't be a hockey player.
This debate probably belongs in another forum, but my point is that the Norwegian hockey federation / community consistently finds themselves in an eternally downward spiral (as described above), while IMO there are other possibilities outside the box. It's not just hockey. Ask any parent how much time a week they spend driving their kids to organized practises, normally soccer, compared to what they did when they were kids. I grew up on the south coast and we played pond hockey every year untill organized hockey took all week.

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