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01-06-2014, 07:57 PM
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I think the argument nay be the flashes and potential JvR has and his getting off the blocks quickly and strong and the slow yet steady maturation of Luke... Add to that the fact that he was benched for a few games in favor of basically Hal Gill -- whether to send a message or have him watch fro above and rethink his play -- As I said before, D-men take longer to develop and their true worth doesn't really appear for a while on the D-side... And then JvR stars in the Winter Classic with a couple of goals with North America watching... People are looking at a supposed First Line Forward with game breaking/game potential opposed to a plodding hard hitting D-man with shutdown potential short of a top pair player.

I still say that if JvR reaches his potential and can take control of many games a season while looking like the Overall Number Two in the Draft and Luke becomes the solid hard hitting shutdown D-man he was obtained to be, the Flyers and Homer will be panned and thought to have been fleeced... Never mind the good chance that JvR may never have reached his consistency in O&B and Luke may never have been the player the Center of the Hockey Universe was hoping for... Never mind that reuniting the Schenn Brothers may have an important effect on Brayden... and never mind that the Flyers could afford to lose a quality Forward to obtain a solid hard hitting and steady stay at home D-man.

But in the end, as I see it, it will still be left for time to be the ultimate judge of this trade... and the best possible trade is one that gives both parties what they were after... And even then we may never know what would have been had both players stayed put, and if they both may have never reached their potential.

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