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01-21-2007, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by collinsjimster View Post
Ive heard a lot of good thins but i have no idea who he is. is he a possible 1st liner?
In terms of potential, I would maybe like to compare his absolute upside to Jason Allison.

I don't know if you remember Allison's days with the Bruins, he had some really succesful years there. Getting some really good numbers, while beeing in a enviorment that fitted him.

Dubinsky have that kind of potential, if he develops really well the next couple of seasons, and are played in a perfect enviorment.

Though its important to point out that Dubinsky never will become a star like a Joe Sakic or Keith Primaue, he don't have that kind of potential.

Its not that they are identical in terms of skill, but both have some big flaws if we are talking top 2 line centers in the NHL, but both also have that special touch around the net, and kind of the same attitude offensivly, really hungry and effective. Typical Canadian high scoring players, you never really see players comming out of Europe with that thirst for the net. Marc Savard is maybe the prototyp for that attitude.

Though more likely Dubinsky have potential to play on a 2nd line.

One factor, is how these kids can develop in the AHL. Through the years very few high scoring players have developed in the AHL. But the NHL have become much less about pure strength, toughness and hustle, and much more about pure skills. A young kid with the right attitude had it allot easier to make it to the NHL right away with the old rules. Devleoping skills take longer time. And its crucial that guys like Dubinsky keeps developing allot over the next couple of years, not just that he grows into his body and gets used to the pro game. He must develop his overall skill level too.

Thats what many European players have been able to do, staying in Europe and then maybe when they are 22-23 y/o move the NHL. Kids like Zetterberg who defenitly weren't near the NHL when he where 20, but stepped in and made a huge impact when he were 23, after developing his overall skills a ton at that time. I think the European nations have had a big advantage here over Canada for example, Sweden have like 5% the amount of hockey players then Canada do, but still like 10% of the players in the NHL and not many of them beeing 4th lineers. The reason for it have been the oppertunity kids in Sweden have been given to keep developing their game long after beeing drafted. The AHL have not been able to do that. I don't know if there is a example out there of a kid playing 3 years in the AHL and then gooing to the NHL and becomming a star, while there is a ton of example of that from Europe.

Renney have built up the foundation to create a enviorment like that in the AHL. Were HFD not just becomes a place were you learn the pro game(tactics and stuff)/the north american game but a place were kids become faster, better stickhandlers and develop there passing games ect. Thats defenitly the goal of the organization. Looking at % alone, its insane for example to bring young kids over from Europe ASAP. For every Marian Hossa, who is a European who developed in the NA, there is 10 Zetterbergs and Datsyuks. Detroit have had a ton of success not touching drafted players for atleast 4 years. But Maloney went on record a while back saying that they would like to bring over Anisimov right away, they also tried to do it with Jessiman for example.

It will be really interesting to see how that work.

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