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01-06-2014, 09:53 PM
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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
There is no excuse or answer for Lundqvist playing this poorly other than Lundqvist is playing poorly.

It's not a system. it's not equipment. it's not getting married, or having a kid, or any of the ridiculous excuses people have been trying to make for him.

He's a grown man, he's a star athlete and he's hit a funk. It happens. Just deal with it and accpet the fact that maybe, just maybe, nobody here has an answer as to why he sucks.

Blaming the offense.....I always love that one. Three of his last four losses the Rangers scored three goals.

Looks like Rangers fans have been hitting the crackpipe again. They want them to score four and five goals a night so everybody's favorite goalie can stop imitating Steve Buzinski and vault the team to another 6th seed.
Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
It reminds me of the Giants fans who still dont think Eli had a bad year and if he did, maybe it was the line's fault.

It's ok to admit you were wrong. We've all been there. Nobody will think any less of you.

Talbot is playing better and needs to start on a consistent basis. This is Richter-Beezer, Hostetler-Simms, Cheeks-Strickland and Mariano-Wetteland.
Well said there.

The Eli comparison is so true, too.

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