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Originally Posted by alcoholyca View Post
Hey i have been playing inline for a while now a lot and i am comfortable with my skating on inline skates. I love playing inline hockey but i want to make the jump to ice. Is the transition hard? I was thinking i would go to public skating and then a few pickup games just to get the hang of it. Also what is the best iceskate to get for under 150 dollers? Any advice would be great.
I made the transition about three years ago, from travel inline to ice. And it can be a real challenge trying to get in the flow when you can't stop. Practice stopping, turning, and crossovers, everything after that is skills that will be carried over from inline. Checking isn't a big factor until you get in midget or junior hockey, you'll take some good shots here and there but you'll eventually learn to bend your knees and keep your head.

Also, I found that practicing with ice hockey pucks off ice really helped the stick handling/shooting aspect. The puck can feel heavy after playing with the inline pucks. So through a tarp over your garage and blast away. Someone earlier said something about laura stemn. She knows her stuff, but if you can also check out robby glance, it helped me a ton during the transition.

good luck eh.

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