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01-21-2007, 08:30 PM
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I used to order it a couple of seasons ago. Although it isn't that expensive, it probably isn't worth the money, unless you like having nice pictures. The articles are outdated by the time you get the magazine, and they are mostly fluff pieces about the players, and the community efforts of the Canadiens. I find the material more geared towards the casual fan, who isn't really that familiar with the Canadiens or hockey in general, and offers nothing to fans who want information, like those that post here. Unfortunately, with the deteriorating quality of The Hockey News, there isn't a single hockey magazine out there that offers me what I want. That's why I prefer articles on Hockey futures or HabsInsideOut over most other sources.

However, if you want to pay the money, you will be supporting our club, so in that sense I definitely support it!

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