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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
But all of this is with hindsight. Yandle would not have saved the Flyers defensive woes. The Flyers at the time of the trade had a slew of PMDs (remember, this was before Mesz's downfall). The Flyers needed a shut-down guy. Luke Schenn was 22 at the time and had the ceiling of being a top-notch shut-down player. Trading for Yandle would make sense right now, but it didn't make sense back then.

Schenn has not been the guy we wanted him to be this year, but let's not pretend that two years ago, when he was 22, he wasn't still projected to be a big-time shut-down player. Hell, he's only 24 and still very well may turn into the player we all want. Patience, right?
I beg to differ. Yandle would have helped more than Streit has to move the puck out of the defensive zone.
Looking at this logically. Offensively ---
Yandle>Streit. Streit> L. Schenn. Therefore Yandle> L. Shenn.

Flyers did not need a shutdown defenseman, they had 2 defensive defensemen.
All they just needed the defensive defenseman that they had to be healthy again and play better.
Grossman and Coburn were fine as defensive defenseman, IMHO.
The problem is that we had no PMD to move the puck out of the zone.

I would have preferred they make that trade for Yandle even with a heathy Mezzaros.
Yandle, I saw as a replacement for Timonen.
If they acquired Yandle, Mez or Coburn could be traded to make room.

Mezzaros and/or Coburn: I never saw them as possibly developing into a #1 PMD.
They just did not realize that Mez was brittle, and Coburn is not the answer.
Coburn and Mezaros were always overpaid 2nd or 3rd line defensemen.
They were FA bandaids for a team that fails to develop defensive talent.

The Flyers had no need to trade top 1st round picks for a defensive defenseman.
A defensive defenseman like Grossman is usually available for a 2nd round pick.
Only time you trade a JVR for defense its for a possible #1, or an established #1 like Weber.
IMHO, Luke showed nothing in Toronto that made me think he was a possible #1 defenseman.

What the Flyers needed was another good offensive defenseman.
Yandle was available for JVR, that was the trade that should have gone down, no question.

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