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01-22-2007, 01:07 AM
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Originally Posted by RedScull View Post
LOL. That's awful.. just awful..
WOW. That's an awesome reply... Just awesome...

Originally Posted by Squeaky View Post
I don't see any reason why LA would want to do this. You have to think they could at least get midround picks or something for some of those guys, which is a heck of a lot more attractive than Sammy/Ninny
Why L.A would do this... While i agree that moving Sopel or Conroy at the deadline could net them a few picks (though Conroy is no Weight, and he is signed through next season at 2.4 mill, so I don't think his return would be that great), I think this deal works out better for them than picks would.

1- They save 1.4 in cap space and get a roster player that they can use (Samsonov helps them next year at a weak spot for them... He is expensive, but cheaper than Conroy/Tverdovsky. Conroy doesn't seem very useful to them and Tverdovsky is to them what Niinimaa is to us.)

2- Niinny is basically an expiring contract for L.A... again, the sopel/niinimaa swap is to our benefit this season in return for the 1.4 mill in salary we absord next season.

I didn't expect this to be recieved well by most. But I think if you believe that we are pretty close to cup contention with this years team, than the 1.4million in salary that we would be on the hook for next year is a worthwhile risk (1.4 million in exchange for upgrades at D and Centre for the playoffs)... and 1.4 million, assuming that the cap will go up next year, is a better risk than loosing draft picks, especially considering how well we've been drafting lately.

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