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01-07-2014, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Much more??? How much do you think he was going to get?? 5.5M???
5M? Which is only a 900K increase in the cap hit..

The fact he got 4.1M after such an injury was already huge. The guy had not played in 8 months, and he wasn't this soldier beast everybody has made themselves believe because we coincidentally started sucking when he went down last year.
He had the same damn flaws. Often caught out of position, mishandles the puck, looks lost at times, less punishing hits.
Emelin's game hasn't changed from last year. What did change is Markov and his ability to cover for Emelin, he just can't do it as much this year. Remember last year when people were saying Markov seems to have slowed down? Well, that pairing looked like as crappy as it does now.
The only time Emelin has looked good was when he played on his natural side. Every time he was moved to the right, he sucked, that includes last year.
So, I don't understand how he got a 4y/4.1M deal to begin with. That was a much bigger deal than I thought he'd get already.
It was a stupid decision.

That being said, I agree, I'm sure Bergevin thinks that had he waited, it would have cost him more. My issue with that is this was the reason he gave to extending DD. That to him, he felt like if he waited, it would end up costing him more in the end. However, he also followed this up by saying he can't go back to change things now, leading people to believe he would have done things differently. And yet, he does the same thing with Emelin this year.

I'm starting to seriously doubt Bergevin's talent analysis. I think he too bought into the whole ''well we started losing after Emelin's injury, therefore he must be the key piece''.
This team is being carried by players that were here before Bergevin. Plek-DD-Max-Gallagher-PK-Markov-Gorges-Gio-Price, none of them are Bergevin acquisitions.
The guys he did bring in, Briere, Bouillon, Armstrong, Murray, Parros, Prust, aside from last season from Prust, they've all been pretty bad. That's concerning to me.
Not to mention, the extensions to DD and Emelin were completely poorly timed.

Hopefully he learns fast. It will be interesting to see what happens with Eller, Markov, PK, Gio, Diaz getting off the book this year. We'll see that he does.
You know as well as I do that there's a huge gap between what we think a player's worth, and what the market says he's worth. Especially this summer when GMs go on a signing frenzy as the Cap goes up. It'll be terrifying and amusing to see what insane contracts are handed out! My guess is that $4.1M for a solid D in his prime will look pretty good in eight months. We'll see. Of course Emelin has to earn his money, and I admit he's looked bad this season. But I remain optimistic that he'll get back to 100%.

We'll have to agree to disagree on what 100% of Emelin actually means. Last season, I saw a responsible defenseman who became much better at handling the puck and taking out the opposition. He was a solid 2nd pairing. Yes, I saw mistakes, but much fewer than what you're describing. I do agree he was (and is) better on his natural side, though I think the difference is overstated. Most of Emelin's current problems are -- I hope -- because of conditioning, vision and confidence, three factors he can improve on with time.

Bottom line, I think it was worth the gamble to sign him. His skillset fills a desperate need on this team, provided, of course, that he reaches his potential. I'm guessing you'll be very happy with the guy come playoff time. But if we're still seeing the same issues in two months, you have license to say "I told you so".

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