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Originally Posted by Nash Money View Post
This doesn't happen to me too often, but when it does, I first try to get another friend to pay face. If I can't I'll give the second friend a discount and ask the bail-er to pay the difference. (Assuming the reason isn't something like "my mom is in the hospital.) If I can't find another friend, I'll throw them up on stubhub and craigslist. If no go there, I'll offer the extra to someone for free, and make the bail-er pay in advance from then on. Basically, there's trust until I get screwed.
Yeah, that makes sense. I guess it's different if you're also talking about $135 seats or $50 seats. It's a big different in the amount of money you're going to eat.

Also, I agree that you should trust them and if they screw you to make them pay in advance. Personally, I make anyone who agrees to go with me to the game PayPal me first so that they can't back away at the last minute. Especially if I have 6 tickets for the game and they're $100 each. Don't want the group to back out last minute and eat $600 for no reason...

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