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01-22-2007, 03:41 AM
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Montreal Evenstrength better than San Jose

I keep hearing about the criticism of our Habs being so terrible 5 on 5 and the fact they don't score much evenstrength and that they rely too much on Special teams. Why is it ok for San Jose and Anaheim not to be criticized when they're worse and slightly better, respectively. Here are some stats I have compiled courtesy of

Montreal Evenstrength Goals - 95 PPG - 51 Total Goals - 146 GP - 49
San Jose Evenstrength Goals - 86 PPG - 63 Total Goals - 149 GP - 48
Anaheim Evenstrength Goals - 111 PPG - 56 Total Goals - 167 GP - 50

Montreal has scored 9 more evenstrength goals than the mighty Sharks, yet why don't the Sharks get criticized for relying too much on their PP who's rank is 1st overall. San Jose has only scored 3 more goals overall than the Habs.

Anaheim also has more PP goals than the Habs, but Montreal has a higher percentage. Anaheim has 16 more evenstrength goals than the Habs which really isn't that far off considering they're arguably the league's best this year.

Any thoughts?

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