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Originally Posted by cjc5103 View Post
Okay - Just a general question.

What do you do if you buddies bail or whatever on a game? Do you charge them? Do you eat the ticket?

I can see this happening last minute pretty often, especially if something comes up from work for a weekday game etc. Obviously when your friend agrees to buy a ticket from you, it's like him agreeing to pay for the ticket and attend the game. So if a star play goes down or the team stinks, they can't just back away.

I understand if this is for one game, but what'd the general protacol you STHers take when this happens?

IMO, it should be strictly business as you're not going to give them a "friend's discount" off face value before the season starts just so you can lose money etc.
If I ask someone to go to a game with me using my season tickets I never charge them. I personally would feel uncomfortable inviting a friend to a game and then charging him. Usually when I invite someone they pay for beers and or food but I dont charge a friend if I invite him using my season tickets.

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