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01-07-2014, 02:08 PM
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I got my stash
Made it from scratch
May I always be the lesser man then
OTOH I grew up in Evanston in an apartment townhouse (quite the melting pot albeit being affluent in areas) but played hockey in Winnetka
Just cuz my Dad started coaching there
Our games against Evanston were always life and death battles
The "rich guys" really saw that this was the game for me to win each year
I was the goalie
We had brawls - yes nice ones at that - in some games
They (my spolied teamates) put up their best and we usually won against the bluer collar team
Some tough guys they were in all sports (New Trier as well)
Very competitive
John Moore is from that win or die in glory mentality place
Not suppose we do not win and then I will live nice off of daddies dirty bucks

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