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01-07-2014, 03:45 PM
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It's going to be very hard to get a hold of good players in the coming years. It's a core that wins a cup. Cally and Girardi isn't good enough to form that core, but they can be a part of it. Like Dustin Brown in LA (Cally). Like Seidenberg (Girardi).

The players mentioned being available in deals for these two are just long shots of becoming part of a core on a Cup winning core. They can become complimentary players, but I don't at all worry about filling those type of holes. We have complimentary players. It's the core that is hard to put in place and Kukhlachev / J Morrow / K Palmieri / Vatanem are just real long shots to become future parts of such Cup winning core.

It's problematic if we we tie up all money in a core that doesn't have it.

It's not good asset management to "not" deal G / Cally if they can bring back a part we knew would count. That we really can expect to become a part of a core with Cup potential.

So we got some real tough decisions to make. I definitely don't believe that it's a given that we should dump these two, nor buy out BR out.

I am definitely very confused behind the thinking to trade BOTH Cally and Girardi WHILE buying out BR. The math just don't add up with that option. We open up three majors holes on the roster and get nothing in return that we can expect to replace them with WHILE the UFA market is bare. Trust me, the problem in the coming 3 years will not be to have room to fill 3-4 core roles on a roster, it will be to find those 3-4 pieces, let alone 1-2 pieces. Avg C-tier prospects and a late 1st or two gives you maybe a ten percent chance to find a player like that, which might help you in 3-6 years.

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