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Originally Posted by Mugerya View Post
because the organization is more comfortable with playing subpar vets instead of trying, I repeat trying, youth in these situations. Baranka is a great example.
Ranking the kids before this season Dawes, Immonen and Pck quit clearly lead the pack, and all were tried and none worked.

There is nothing to gain in trying a kid that clearly aren't ready. Especially not a D at MSG. Its one thing for a young kid to come in hand hold his own a few games, though especially at D you know there is gooing to be up and downs, and for a young D who aren't ready thoose downs would be really ugly and could have a big impact on that players confidence.

To put things in perspective, Baranka were pretty far behind were Kondratiev were a year ago gooing into this season. Drats at times upseted a few fans... For Ivan to get booed in MSG, it would hardly help his development.

Originally Posted by Mugerya View Post
It is obvious now halfway through the season to certain vets just aren't working. They aren't a part of the future and they really don't look like they are a part of the present. It makes too much sense to go with youth on tryout basises, so the same old plan will be blindly followed.
There are other aspects.

Lets say we got a player who are really good in some aspects and can contribute with thoose in NY, but also defenitly aren't ready in others, that might be a player who you can give a shot instead of a player who just aren't getting it done.

The problem is when that kid can't even contribute at the NHL level in the areas that are his strengths. Like Dawes for example. If Nigel had gotten involved in the offensive play here in NY, not necessary scoring a handful of goals, but beeing dangerous on the rush, transporting the puck some, challenging D's ect, I personally wouldn't have cared if he screwed up some defensivly. But the problem with Nigel weren't his flaws, like his size, and defensive awarness as a checking line player, his problems were that he basically didn't get involved at all in the offensive aspects. At the most one or two quick touches and fast shots per game. In a enviorment like that he won't develop at all. If thoose areas aren't good enough, he needs to improve them. And in order to improve them he needs to practise at them. And if he aren't good enough to find ways to use them in the NHL, he won't get a oppertunity to improve them. Thats the minimum criteria IMO, that a player should be able to contribute in the aspects of the game that are supposed to be his strengths.

So while Dawes possibly couldn't have been worse then Adam Hall, I belive that playing him in Hall's role in NY, there wouldn't have been much to gain. Like lets say that we gave him one full year in that role, what would the product have been next season, would he then have been able to challenge for a bigger role? No I don't belive so, because Dawes needs to become even better at transporting the puck, at stickhandling, at getting involved offensivly. Even if he had played with Nylander and Jagr there would have been very little of that. He defenitly would have scored 20 goals in 82 games, maybe even more, but it would have been Nylander and Jagr who transported the puck, there would have been thoose players who found the open ice. Dawes would have had a great year and the hype would have sky rocketed, but surely, played in a diffrent situation when Nyls and JJ are gone, his flaws would have become obvious.

Though with Dubinsky it might be diffrent. Its possible that his offensive game might be good enough to make a contribution in the NHL. But that his lack of experience in the transition game might really have hurted the team. Its possible that he would be able to develop playing in the NHL.

But in Dubinsky's case there are other aspects, like were he can develop the fastest, the NHL or the AHL? He is involved allot more in all aspects in HFD, that might correct his flaws faster for example.

Though the bottomline is that I defenitly don't always think its wrong playing a vet as just a stopgap in NY untill the kids are ready.

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