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01-22-2007, 09:52 AM
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Every other team in the league, including those at the top of the standings (including the Devs) have no problem plugging youngsters into their lineup. Why can't we?
The Rangers expect their young players to be fully developed, fulled "formed" and ready to perform like seasoned vets when they bring them up. They are intolerant of mistakes and impatient when young players have an up and down development curve.
There isn't another team with this attitude. Most teams see NHL playing time as a young players "finishing school," knowing that talented youth can only benefit by being pushed at a higher level. They know and expect their kids to make mistakes but can live with them. In the meanwhile, teams benefit from the enthusiasm and energy that young players bring. Only a change in management is going to change this. And I thought that was what Sather was going to bring with him from Edmonton. Instead he fell into the Neil Smith mode
(but I will never knock Neil because of 94)

To quote Bob Hartley again: "when you play old players they just get older, when you play young players they only get better."

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