Thread: Confirmed with Link: Giroux not selected to Team Canada.
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01-07-2014, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by BackWithaVengeance View Post
Not true at all.

It's a conflicht between chechens and the russian government. This is their way of "protest".

Edit: Yes, the asssassins may be Islamic oriented but it's a political conflict instead of a religious one. Still sad.

Back to topic.
It is more than a "protest". Chechens want their own state and their culture/religion is Islamic and would implement Sharia Law. The suicide bombers are convinced that they will be martyrs and are acceptable as part of their religion (or how their religion is taught along the same lines as how other terrorists are brainwashed).

While the bombings are a protest, nothing would embarrass Putin and the Russian government more than a successful attack at the Olympics. Security will be very tight, but it is not a zero probability that something would be attempted.

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