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"It's the inherent short-sightedness of this front office. One hand doesn't know what the other is doing.

If there was a plan, it could be a perfect scenario to complete recreate the entire organization:

1) Give Torts one more year. If he fails to meet standards, he's gone. A new GM hires his own coach.

The the number of FAs on this team at the end of the season allows for a great opportunity to jump-start a rebuild both in terms of trade bait and potential cap space."

From Baby Punisher

"I would not call this a rebuild. You trade these guys now to re-tool & keep the farm system going & you give the team some more trade chips come next seasons deadline if we need to acquire missing pieces for a playoff push.

I know people, myself included look at Sathers free agent signing record & get crazy with it, with regards to the cap it is just money & Dolan has plenty off it. However If you look at the overall body of Sathers work since the first lockout it's really not bad. Playoffs every year except 2010, eastern conference finals 2 years ago. I think we got a lot out of the players that the team did rebuild with & we have some guys coming up.

Trading Girardi for a first rounder & a prospect would be huge considering he wasn't even a draft pick & he has played excellent hockey for us the past 8 plus seasons. That's a huge success story.

Trade these guys & any other pending UFA that will bring a return."

Ok, I can see some of the logic and points that you guys make.

Here's the thing: The Rangers have been making trades and acquisitions for longer than any of us cares to remember.

Where has any of it gotten this franchise? We've got one Cup in the last 74 years.

I get the whole impending FA situation. We can't keep em all.

It's like the whole Nash thing. It's gonna happen. We all know it. So, if there gonna do it then they better do it right this time. They maximize it.

They need to focus and blending skill and grit.....god it just sounds like a broken record. Whatever they do they have to focus on building a core and keeping the prospect pool stacked.

It's amazing how quickly they managed to deplete that prospect pool.

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