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01-28-2004, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by RANGERDIEHARD
Yes, you do....and at the same time you hope something will eventually happpen to turn everything around. Do you remember how you felt at the end of the 1992 - 1993 season Kazo? Do you? 53 years of not wiining the Cup, a "JINXED" franchise. How would you react to someone if they told you at the end of that season that the Rangers would win the Stanley Cup next year? This after 53 years of abuse. Wouldn't you want to follow the team through every game of the 1993-1994 season? 1994 was a sweet, emotional year for fans that were there every step of the way. If we can make it through that, then we as Ranger fans can make it through anything!. Some people have short memories.
I think I've probably been around for a few more year than you so, yeah, I remember the 92-93 season. Hell, I even remember the 72-73 season for that matter.

Look, the only thing I want from my team is to play hard. I don't care if they go
0-82. If the team plays hard night in and night out that's all anybody can ask for.
This team doesn't do that and won't do that. That's why it doesn't win plain and simple. Maybe you can live with that. I can't and won't any longer.

There are alot of diehard fans who feel the same way and who know that, in order to be successful, the Rangers are going to have to take a couple of steps backwards in order to be able to finally move forward.

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