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01-22-2007, 03:24 PM
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Not here. Not now.

Coaching is way mre than win one for the gipper speeches and staring people down. Those things worked for Messier because after that, he went out and took care of business on the ice. How many "when I was playing" speeches do you think it would take for the players to tune him out? Especially a bunch of pass happy Euro's like we have here? It would be one thing if this were a room full of western canadian kids who grew up idolizing Mark. It's not. It's a bunch of guys who are older, most of whom played against him, and that respect/fear level isn't there. We're in a situation where a PROFESSIONAL COACH, a guy who has made coaching his life's work, who has dealt with all kinds of personalities and playing styles, can't get these guys to change their thinking. Brendan Shanahan, who is as accomplished a player as there is skating in the league right now, is suiting up next to these guys, and he can't get through to them either. Coaching has to do with X's and O's, not being faster, stronger, or meaner. Messier was a great player. Most great players do not make great coaches. This team needs to separate itself from #11 and get out of his shadow, not get further into it.

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