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01-28-2004, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by dedalus
Fair enough we simply disagree. IMO being only a year removed from being the best regular season team in the NHL offers much more in the way of hope/expectation than being six years removed from a playoff spot. It's true that your goals are lower (playoffs vs. Cup) but this team is MUCH farther removed from its goal.

I agree that coaching is a HUGE problem (also one to blame on Sather in his role as GM), but it's not the only difference between the two teams. The 92-93 team had a future, too. Its best players were either in their primes (Leetch, Messier, Graves, Beukeboom, Gartner, Patrick, Nemchinov) or hadn't yet reached them (Zubov, Amonte, Richter, even Domi). How many of the top 10 players on this team are still in their primes? That is, how many can you expect to be producing in two years what they're producing now?

But this is my point. Not hiring Hitch or Burns wasn't a mistake on Sather's part. It wasn't a misjudgment or miscalculation. He chose not bring those guys in. He didn't want them or their systems - he still doesn't. Sather still wants to play "Oilers hockey" which is why he still gets Bure and Jagr when he should be getting guys like Jason Smith and Aaron Miller.

This is why a win tonight won't help.
This is why the playoffs won't help.
The only thing that will help is to get rid of the GM and bring in someone who understands the requirements of NHL hockey in the 21st century and is prepared to build a team that fits those requirements.
In Sather's defense he blatantly said that he did make a mistake hiring Trottier. So then I can come to the conclusion that he realizes that his other options would have been better.

Sather brought in Renney to employ a system that is a variant of the trap and the team has been TRYING to play that way the whole year. So I think he knows that the league has evolved into a clutch and grab, counter on the oppositions turnovers type of play.

A win will be much better than a loss tonight and making the playoffs will help because you yourself said that if the Rangers made the playoffs then their criticism wouldn't be so vitriolic.