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01-22-2007, 08:14 PM
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Originally Posted by lotus View Post
I face the same Dilemma. And i have a roller rink in the park 1 block down from my house. So i get out there a bit. I get to play on ice once a week if im lucky, rarely twice. I simply cant always afford to do the skate and shoots.

Roller Skating feels awkward after being on ice I find.

I've also read some of Peter Twists complete conditioning for Ice hockey and he says that Roller Skating is a good workout but it shouldn't be done too often as it indeed can mess with the proper ice skating form.

Though the books intended for rather intense conditioning, and assumes you're a fairly experienced skater.

got any lakes or ponds near you that should be freezing over? =p
Hahah, there are no lakes or ponds freezing here in San Jose! (although it did get down to freezing last week one night).

I think I'm more about learning the muscle memory of puck handling while moving. I mean, I've done it a bunch on ice but just to keep it fresh I'd want to do it everyday. Obviously its not going to be the same on roller, but I figure it should help out some how, I mean why woudln't it? Pleanty of people come from roller hockey and although they're new on ice, they seem to move the puck pretty well.

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