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01-08-2014, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Legion of Goon View Post
You just proved some other peoples opinion of him by saying

'How is he lazy? He reportedly came into camp this season trimmed down and with an improved attitude'

That means he was Fat and possibly still over weight.
And his improved attitude could relate to him being lazy, you can still play 25 minutes and be lazy in other areas such as practice and diet.
Well, I don't know the exact state of his conditioning or what have you, but reading between the lines, my point was that people can and do change...if Buff was indeed fat and lazy, he seems to have changed things in slimming down and bringing a better attitude/committment...yet people are still apt to label him with the perception that has been entrenched in their minds of the "fat and lazy" guy...regardless, the guy still seems to move rather well on the ice, for 25 minutes a game while producing points on an elite level...if that's what fat and lazy gives you, then where do I sign up!

P.S. Part of the reports from earlier this season cited that Buff was putting in extra practice time working on his shot and other things...and again he reportedly was losing, it seems like your speculative examples of practice habits/diet possibly being why he's labeled with the laziness seems off the mark etc. He has his flaws, but some people just seem to have a dislike for the guy which tends to bias their view of his game and value imo.

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