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Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
He's 16th all time in GWG's. In the top 25 all are HOF's or on their way, minus one or two players(Turgeon/Marleau).
Except... You're using a logical fallacy here. You seem to think that the fact that he's scoring all of these GWGs contributes to him being a Hall of Famer. You're overlooking the fact that the reason these HOFers have so many GWGs goals is because they scored a lot of goals and just so happened to have a lot of them be GWGs. GWGs are quite often just completely random so it would be really hard to have somebody that has a significantly higher GWG to total goals ratio than average. These players scored a lot of goals that just so happened to be GWGs. That tends to happen when you score a lot of goals. It's not because they're super clutch or something.

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