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Originally Posted by TweetyLeaf View Post
Stopped reading after 5 pages so bear that in mind.

Daniel Carcillo.

28 years old.

Seems like many posters forget this and think hes something like 35.

Look @ the +/- stats.
Guy actually can play defense, not many players are even or just slightly on minus side playing 4th line-3rd line role. He has game. Believe me.
This is not just about the stats, i have seen many games from this guy and i know im right here.

Has actually some value on the ice.
Not counting in his defense abilities, he makes good passes. He is rarely stupid with the puck and he can play "the system". If coach needs him to put the puck into the boards from redline, he will surely do that, and get after it 110% speed.

Never quits.
I have never, ever seen this guy playing a game where he seems uninterested, he has heart.


That said, there are issues with him also. He can be an idiot in the rink sometimes. Takes the wrong type of penalty at the wrong time. But as said, hes better player than 99% of the "goons" out there.

Someone asked why didnt Kings and Blackhawks keep him around.

Well here's my guess: Look @ Blackhawks and Kings roster.
Then look @ Rangers roster.

Not trying to flame you guys here, but Blackhawks and Kings are recent SC winners. The both have sick depth at the moment.
Also, as a coach you need to be able to manage this guy, keep his head straight.
Q and Sutter simply are not the type of coaches who are willing to spent time managing aggressive and hard playing players. Dunno about AV.

In Chicago, Brandon Bollig has turned to be... hmm.. how to put this... Defensively responsible keep my gloves on guy. He doesn't do agitating anymore.
Blackhawks hasn't agitated anyone for years now. He's Mr. Nice guys these days. One of the reasons might be that they have the puck all the time...

For Rangers system (I think i have seen only 1 game from Rags this year) Carcillo should fit perfectly for 3-4th line.

He will win you over.

Now, gimme that response and say im an idiot and dont know hockey. Im waiting for it.
You're an idiot and don't know hockey.

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