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Originally Posted by dstoffa View Post
I have my own philosophy when it comes to tickets.

If I have season tickets, and I invite someone to go with me, I don't expect them to pay. I make them buy me beers / food.

If I am going out to purchase extras for a special event, this is where I get my buddy to pay.

Now, if the shoe were on the other foot, meaning he bought the tickets, I planned to go with him, then suddenly couldn't, I would tell him that I couldn't go, but would make him whole by paying him for the ticket. He shouldn't have to suffer because of my change in plans.

I split my Rangers tickets, and when something comes up and keeps me from the Garden, I tell my buddy to do what he wishes with my ticket.
That's pretty much what I go by when I'm buying or giving my ticket to a buddy. Well said.

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