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01-08-2014, 05:09 PM
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If Girardi signs a max term contract, he is te same age as for example Chris Philips is today in Y7 of it. The cap will be way over 100m in 7 years, it will be right at 80m after next summer. That means 100m cap by the PA 5% alone in Y6 of G contract. That is basically minimum numbers if the NHL has zero growth for a handful of years.

I'd easily go 8 years for both Girardi and Callahan. They are 28-29, they easily have 4 of their best years infront of them. Then the cap growth will cover for a rapid decline and then some. Philips is making 3m plus for Ottawa and that is what we would be paying Girardi looking at portion of cap.

What scares you are of course the cap hit in y 1-3 of their deals. The repor is that G is reasonable. Can we get him to take 40m over 8 years? Sub 40 over 8 years? The league is full of solid Ds 35 y/o.

What will Callahan want?

We can give him a retirement contract. 8 years. 44m over 8 years is a good option for him. We can compare it all we want with other players, facts are that Slats dropped the ball here. Chicago is saving like 10m per if not more on those front loaded deals, Slats didn't "believe" in them... In 2-4 years, I am afraid that we will notice that 5.5m per can't buy us sheit. 7m will become the new 5m in a hurry. 10m is the new 7m. 5m the new 3m...

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