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01-08-2014, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfreak7 View Post
I know I'm probably all by myself on this one, but the next time the offense goes cold, I wouldn't mind moving Giroux to Brayden's wing.

Schenn is much more productive when he's engaged from the middle. He's just a very ineffective winger, and if we want to maximize his productivity, you have to give him some big tools on his line so he can get lost in coverage and find those soft spots in the offensive zone.

I actually think Stamkos at wing in the Olympics is going to be a similar failure to the B. Schenn to wing experiment here. For guys like Schenn and Stamkos, their best attribute is their invisibility. They naturally gravitate to those soft spots where the defenders don't go to, and guys like St. Louis (and Giroux) are generally the best options to find these players when they get lost in coverage.

So the tl;dr is that 1) Schenn can not play wing; he needs to be engaged at all times. And 2) Schenn needs guys who can draw defenders out so he can do his thing and find holes in the slot.

So I propose the next line combo shakeup be Giroux-Schenn-Voracek or maybe even Giroux-Schenn-Hartnell/Simmonds. Though I'm more skeptical on the second combo.

EDIT: Also, I'm aware Stamkos put up big numbers on Giroux's wing at the World Championships last year, but if I recall correctly, Stamkos had only one ES goal and the rest were on the PP. At ES, I don't think Canada will have success with Stamkos on the wing for the same reasons we haven't had success with Schenn on the wing.
I actually really like the Stamkos comparison. Obviously Schenn isn't close to the talent of Stamkos, but he's got the same knack for getting free in the offensive zone. We've all noticed how much more defensive attention Giroux draws lately, if we moved him to Schenn's wing he could draw off the defense and allow Schenn the opportunity to get free and Giroux to find him with the puck.

It could be a very deadly combo and a similar duo to what Tampa Bay has going with Stamkos/St. Louis. Assuming G goes back to RW, you could put a grinder like Hartnell (or Vanek/Ryan like some people are hoping) on the LW to forecheck and dish the puck to G or Schenn and clean up in front of the net. Could even try Vinny on the LW.

It would also allow Voracek to move down to the 2RW spot and play more of a dominate possession role instead of splitting it with G.

Edit: Of course Schenn's terrible face off performance would be a problem..

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