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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
I understand the quality. Absolutely. I also understand that fringe NHL players and AHL-caliber talent can thrive in the KHL. Let's look at some names from the top 20 in scoring over there: Brandon Bochenski, Kyle Wilson, Nigel Dawes, Marcel Hossa, Dustin Boyd, Jonathan Cheechoo. That's a Who's Who of NHL has-beens and never-weres.

A consistent role in the top nine of a KHL team, regardless of age or any other circumstance, does not guarantee NHL success. Top production in the KHL does not guarantee NHL success! The leagues are too different to make an apples-to-apples comparison and prediction of future success. There are tons of players in the KHL that would never sniff an NHL ice surface. There are plenty of guys on KHL rosters that would be ECHL players were they to come stateside.

Buchnevich is having a good season. That he's established himself on a KHL team is certainly a good thing, there's no denying that. He has tremendous upside; that also can't be denied. I think he also has far greater "bust potential" than Skjei, Fast or Lindberg. Were we to rank guys purely on upside, I'd have Buchnevich higer up the list. I also take into account likelihood of reaching that potential, and what role a player could fill if he fails to fulfill his potential. Guys like the three I mentioned above, I see them as having a decent likelihood of fulfilling their potential, and I see possible roles for them even if they don't pan out fully. Buchnevich? I see a more slim likelihood of fulfilling his potential and no NHL role for him if he doesn't blossom into a top six offensive winger.
My view is slightly different re. bolded - these players you listed (and not listed the likes of Kovalchuk, Radulov etc) are the ones that were forced out of NHL because they were not good enough for top 6 roles and didn't have a skill set for bottom 6 energy or defensive responsibilities (or they might have the skills for such responsibilities but playing top 6 in KHL allows them to earn more $$). The point is most of these players are better quality than those playing in AHL.

Otherwise I'd stress out that Bush is 18 while Lindberg & Fast are in their twenties.
Add Nieves.

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