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Originally Posted by inferno272 View Post

Dawes had an average of about 7 minutes of ice time in those first 2 games of regular 3rd line minutes. He got 2 hots on net, playing with pretty inept partners. I dont remember exactly who his linemates where in those first 2 games, but im guessing the usual jokers are there.

so 7 minutes of ice time, over 2 games, playing with inept partners, and hes gotta move the heaven, earth and the sky in order to stay with the club. Do you have any idea how asinine that is?

How about the Devils Travis Zajac? the kid averaged 14 minutes a game in his first 2 games as a Devil. His career numbers arent even in the same league to the amount of points Dawes has put up throughout his career. It is absolutely crazy to think that Dawes got a fair chance. He didnt. I mean, you gotta put people in situations to succeed bro, you put a scorer, on a scoring line, OR with people who can play an effective offensive game.
First of all Dawes played the first games with Betts and Hall, which were our 3rd line. If you aren't a playing special teams in games with allot of PIMs thats the numbers you get in the NHL.

You can be amazed and laugh all you want, but I just find it strange that you opt to compare Dawes with a 1st round pick, who is a big and allaround talented center, and a good one, in Zajac, instead of how NJD for example are handling Niklas Bergfors, who arguably is a better player then Dawes. Dawes not only is 5'8, but is also downright slow over the length of the ice. He is extremely quick in small spaces, but on end to end rushes he is below avg in the NHL.

You compared Dawes stats with Zajac. But you have to understand that a player who scores twice as much (in the CHL) as someone else (in college) not necessary are better equiped for the NHL.

You say that you have to put people in position to succed, thats exactly what I have been talking about in this thread. After seeing Dawes taking 79 shifts and play several preseason games, were he were great in some, and invisible in others, it was obvious that atleast gooing into this season Dawes not only weren't good enough, but he weren't good enough to even take part in the play, he couldn't even contribute in the areas that were supposed to be his strength. That gives me the opinion that there weren't a position on this team were Dawes could have succeded.

If you want to know how a kid should look getting limited ice time, watch games from early last season and how Prucha plays. Dawes in almost 80 shifts accomplished less then Prucha did just about every shift.

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